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How to stop dimming your own light

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

I came across a Bible verse in Matthew 5:14 "You are the light of the world" And you know what? If we think about a light, it isn`t meant to be hidden. A light is meant to be shown, to shine, and to guide you in whatever room you're in or to help you see where you need to go. You wouldn't buy a gorgeous chandelier or lampshade and then tuck it away not to be seen would you? So why are you hiding your light from the rest of the world?

I remember a few years ago after I came back from living abroad in Europe for a year and I went back to the same life I had before Italy. It was fine at first, but to be honest I wasn`t happy. I tried to do what everyone else was doing, I stayed in a relationship with someone who was just so dull and uninspiring and the more I stayed, the less I was able to shine. (You are who you hang out with right ??) That was until more opportunities to live abroad and expand kept passing me by, I made the decision that I wanted more out of life, left that relationship and moved abroad again. When I started to really live life and shine and understand myself more, my light started to shine brighter and I was headed in a whole new direction. That`s when I was able to disover that I have a story in me, and that story “The Inner Work: Journey In Process” is now on Amazon

We were created with a purpose!! Maybe you have a book in you, business, a recipe to sell, a product that you want to create for others. All those goals that you have, those big ideas, those dreams are possible. But sometimes, when we talk about them to others, they'll tell us that "we're dreaming too big" or that "we're talking too much" or because of our past and our mistakes it`s too late for us now.

Or sometimes, our story of how we're too old, too young, not educated, experienced, or "enough" gets in the way of our light tob the point where we have convinced ourselves that we aren't worthy of shining brightly.

This is when you have 2 options

1. Continue to listen to all those negative voices. And as the negative voice grows bigger, your light gets dimmer until you become like the rest, with your dreams left on the back burner.


2. Just let your light shine!! Continue to work on dreams and whatever it is that you want to achieve. Someone out there needs to see you shine. Because when you shine and offer what you have to others, you can then light up their lives

Reflections questions:

Have you been dimming your own light this year? Do you recognize in the examples mentioned above? If so, what will you do to let your light shine?

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