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Braindumping: What is it? And how it can help you in the new year?

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

If you’re reading this, congrats! You’ve made it through 2020! So now what? Well you can either decide to sit this second (or maybe it’s your third or fourth lockdown) and binge your way through Netflix again.


You can use this time to make a decision to work on some things that you want to achieve in 2021. I was talking to a friend who was down this and it was really overwhelming to have all these thoughts running through his mind. That is until I suggested “braindumping”.

I’ve suggested this in a few of my videos that I‘ve posted on Facebook, IGTV, and I’ve even included it at the end of every chapter of my book “The Inner Work: Journey In Process” If ever you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you've had a lot of thoughts and ideas in your mind, sometimes talking it out with someone just doesn’t help. Sometimes it’s best to write it out on paper. When you just write everything out on paper, it feels like the fog that was there before you let go of your thoughts just clears up. When you write things down, your mind is then free to allow space to think clearly and to focus on what you need to do.

As a new year begins, it is so important to reflect on where we want our lives to go in 2021. Perhaps we won’t be able to do much because at this point in time it looks like we’ll probably still be dealing with the pandemic, but if we start getting clear on what we want to do, these are like little seeds that are planted in our minds and eventually, we will start to see little opportunities as we go along.

To help you all out, I have a freebie available which includes: A template to help you a page for you to do your “ Brain dump”, a weekly planner template to help you organize and schedule the important things that need to get done, and a weekly reflection page.

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