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4 Types of People You Need In Your Life

They say that you are who you surround yourself with. If this is true you should have a look at the people who are closest to you. If you all have the same thoughts, beliefs, and ideas, then how can you possibly grow and learn more about yourself internally if the people externally don’t reflect that?

Have a look at the 4 types of people who you need in your life RIGHT NOW!

Believers in God

True people of God will tell you to look within and to listen to what God is telling you and to pay close attention to God’s voice is telling you. All you have to do is learn to stay silent enough to listen. They’ll make you believe that anything is possible.


Entrepreneurs like to think big and they don’t play small. You need an entrepreneur in your life who will help find creative solutions to any problem that you may be experiencing. You also need them to think BIGGER and that anything can be an opportunity.


Have you ever met an engineer? If you’re someone that doesn’t like working on the little details, an engineer is the kind of person that you need in your life. Any engineer that I’ve ever met has the patience to deal with the small details and mechanics of things that can be found in the home. They’ve helped to do small home repairs to any kind of tech issue.

People you can laugh and vent with

Sometimes, when you’re not even sure of what you want or need. You just need to turn that person that you can laugh and vent with. Sometimes this kind of person can be what you need to gain some clarity and to get you motivated to start being productive again.

At some point in my life I’ve encountered each of these people in all of my travels and they at some point or another change my life and have helped me to grow.

I want to know, do you have any of these kinds of people in your life? Why or why not ? How do you think having any of the 4 types of people mentioned above help you to grow?

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