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3 Ways To Turn Your Day Around

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to be going right? The next time you have a day where you just want to cuddle up in the fetal position, try to apply one of the 3 strategies below to turn your day around!


It takes as much energy to complain about everything going wrong in your life as it does to be grateful. The next time you find yourself in a mindset where you’re just negative and complaining, turn your mood around by writing out a gratitude list.

Start off by writing “I am so happy and grateful that…” Continue to list off everything that you’re grateful for until the page is full. This will help you to see all that you have in your life instead of all that you lack. Check-in with your feelings once you’ve filled up the page.

Ask yourself “What was the best part of my day?”

It could be something as simple as someone really cute checking you out, or a feeling of accomplishment. Give yourself a gentle reminder to do this at the beginning of each day so that you will be prepared to expect good things in your life.

Give yourself some “me time”

If you’re always giving your time to others and feeling completely burnt out and then go around complaining that you never have time for yourself, this is your sign that you need to take some time for you. If you’re having difficulty finding time for you, why not try scheduling it in? Look at your daily or weekly schedule and start off with just 5 minutes and slowly start increasing your “me time” as time goes on. If you’re not going to do this now, then surely your body or your doctors will eventually tell you that you need to take care of you.

Notice how I don’t have anything like ‘ go out for drinks with friends” or “ go to a spa”? Yes, taking some time to chill with friends is great, but they are temporary distractions. Everything begins and starts with your mind. How you end up going about your day and how successful you end up being starts with what you fill your mind with.

Now it's your time to let us know! What do you do to turn your day around ?

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