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3 Reasons Why You Should Join A Writer's Group

Have you ever struggled as a writer? At one point or another we have all struggled with creativity, writer’s block, and experiencing breakthroughs during the writing process. I have recently discovered the benefit of joining a writer’s group and how joining one can help you.

1. Networking

Joining a writer’s group is a great way to not only meet writer’s who are just starting, but also meet more experienced writer’s, editors, and publishers who can share with you their expertise and advice in which they can pass along to you. It can sometimes be hard to go out and socialize as a writer, but being a part of a community is important to help get your brand out there and to grow.

2. Growth

There are many different types of people in writer groups who can help you see that writing goes beyond blog writing and publishing a book. We no longer have to be that struggling stereotypical writer. Putting yourself out there can help you to learn from other writers about different careers and opportunities in the writing world from editing to copywriting to reading different books about your writing craft!

3. Learn new techniques

Have you ever thought about the way you work as a writer? Is there something that you hate doing as a writer? Before publishing my first book “The Inner Work: Journey In Process”, I absolutely despised editing. I am not really looking forward to the day where I’ll have to start editing my second book. However, one writer showed me that she takes different u post-it notes and placed it on a wall to see what needs to be edited or removed from her story. This completely changed my outlook on editing and dare I say it? It looks like it could even be fun!

As writers, we have so much to learn from each other and it can really help us to grow and expand our opportunities. Have you joined a writer’s group? If not, what’s stopping you?

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