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3 Reasons Why Sitting In Silence Can Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

If you’re reading this for the first time, one thing that you should know about me is that not only am I the author of the “The Inner Work: Journey In Process”, I am also an ESL teacher in Turkey. Teaching and pretty much doing anything in 2020 has it’s challenges. When I returned to school this September after teaching online since March, I kind of fell so far into the grind of life that I was neglecting myself and my writing hustle.

It wasn’t until I was up in the middle of the night trying to fall asleep, and everything, including my phone was on silent, that my ideas to develop as an author and book number two came to me. Has this happened to you? Or are you lacking ideas because of your everyday hustle? If so, then you should definitely have a look at these 3 reasons why sitting in silence can change your life!

1. Ideas will flow to you.

Look around you right now. How many tabs do you have open on your computer? What’s playing in the background as you read this? Are you actually reading this or are you already thinking about what you have to do next ?

STOP! Now take a take deep breath! How can you even take note of an idea or even be creative if you don’t allow the idea to come through? Give yourself a few minutes at the start of each day or before going to sleep to shut of all technological devices and just write out a few ideas you may have for something you want to create, a new thing that you may want to do or try, or even a new business venture. Now is the time to put in a moment for yourself and explore what’s in you!

2. Silence allows you focus on a solution instead of the problem

Sometimes some people are constantly playing the problem in their head that they don’t allow themselves to focus on a solution. While we may not always have control over our problems, if we focus on what we can do in difficult times and focus on the best way to move forward, it can help provide clarity on the possibilities instead of the problems.

3. You get to better understand yourself more.

It is in the silence where you can learn to reflect and take a moment to look at where you are right now in this season in your life. You can use this time to check in with how you feel and see if there is anything in your life that requires a change.

These are my top 3 reasons why sitting in silence can change your life. I want to know about you, have you tried sitting in silence? If so, what were some of the benefits that you noticed? If you haven’t yet given this a try, what are you so afraid of?

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