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About The Book


The idea for "The Inner Work: Journey In Process" came to me at a time when I felt broken. I had just gone through a break –up and I was having this inner battle in my head. The inner struggle was a constant fight between 2 voices. There was the voice that told me that I should go back into the relationship, even though I knew that there was no space for me to grow and develop.


The other voice, was this voice that was telling me to move on because I knew that I had to move forward because I felt that I had so much more that I wanted to do and to achieve. But there was still that other voice that wanted to hold on to the past.

Throughout my twenties, I kept a journal that contained all my thoughts and experiences of what I went through. As I was reading some of these journals, what I realised was that the person who held me back from receiving everything that I ever wanted was me.  
















After the breakup, during different periods of stillness, an idea for a novel came to me. As the idea developed, it ended up being a guide on how to do your own inner work. We often experience feelings of anger, doubt, or a lack of self-confidence and we end up blaming the people around us or we end up covering up our pain with another drink, cigarette, food. Or we go into the next relationship without really reflecting on what went wrong in the last one and how we can do better, or sometimes we keep going from job to job, thinking that the next place will make us happy and it doesn’t


We never take the time to stop and reflect on what it is that we want and why we keep having the same inner battle over and over again. Without realizing it, as time goes by, we’ve set limitations on ourselves based on our experiences and the people we encounter through those negative experiences.

My goal with “The Inner Work: Journey In Process” is to help you break free from your limitations and help you to break down the layers of the inner work.  You see, at this moment, you have a choice, you can keep experiencing the same inner issues over and over again. Or what you can do, is you can finally make the decision to decide, that it’s time for you to learn to sit in stillness, and as you read, you’ll learn to journal to understand what’s holding you back and finally transform.

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